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A beautiful spacious Karelian-style sauna is a steam room with a sauna heater, a shower room and a relaxation area. The recreation area is perfect for tea, a fun company, or rejuvenation after a hard day. You can order snacks from our restaurant. Capacity up to 6 people

Many wonder what is the difference between a Russian bath and a Finnish sauna. Both types of baths are equally useful, healthier body, detoxify and improve overall tone. The difference lies in the temperature, humidity and technology of vaping.

In the Russian bath you can breathe easily and comfortably due to the gentle temperature and high humidity. This allows you to comfortably bathe with a broom for greater body stimulation and activation of the capillaries.

The Finnish sauna is famous for dry air and higher temperatures, at which perspiration is much stronger. Due to this, a deeper study of the skin and a broom, as an additional tool, is not needed.