Fishing in Karelia

The best fishing on the White Sea, rivers and lakes of the Kemsky district

Kalastus Valkoisella merellä on henkeäsalpaava unelma kalastajista. Syvyys, pohjapinta, veden suolapitoisuus ovat erilaisia, mikä tarkoittaa, että saalis on ennalta arvaamatonta ja vaikutelmia on ainutlaatuinen.

If you are a true lover of fishing, then you have a great opportunity to feel the beauty of real fishing. Perch, pike, burbot, roach, ide, grayling are abundant in the lakes. You can take a boat or boat trip on the White Sea, along the nearby islands. From July to August gives a great opportunity to catch cod.

You can stay in comfortable comfortable cottages and go fishing one day. But most of all the avid fisherman will be attracted by the possibility of a semi-wild fishing holiday. For our part, we will provide you with all the necessary means.